Price information

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First, let's determine what you want. Before preparing a proposal, I'll be glad to meet with you and discuss what you want your Web site to accomplish. If you already have an idea about what you want your Web site to do for you, I can give you a free estimate right away.

Or, The Cybertude Co. can put together a detailed site proposal for an initial deposit of $100, if you provide your own artwork, or $20 an hour, if you want The Cybertude Co. to design artwork for you. This deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied to the final cost of your site's development.

Your initial site sketch includes:

  • A proposed design for your site's home page.
  • A general design theme for other pages that will be part of your site.
  • A proposed schematic of the site outlining how your information will be presented.
  • A complete estimate for full site design and construction will be delivered with the initial site sketch.

Site maintenance

The Cybertude Co. also can perform alterations to, or routine maintenance of, your site. The fee for these services will be determined after consultation with the client.

Server fees

By special arrangement with S2F Online Inc., The Cybertude Co. is able to offer Web-site hosting and a variety of related services at very reasonable rates.

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